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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

When did teachers become the enemy in Clay County?

Was it when they asked for a raise after years of not receiving one  or was it thinking they should have job protections, or maybe them being upset by the fact that their benefits have gone up year after year that made them the enemy? If you think my rhetoric is a little bombastic just look what County Commissioner and mother of school board member Ashley Gilhousen, Diane Hutchings said in a facebook post.

She thanked the police for keeping them safe from a bunch of teachers, who I am told were remarkably restrained given the circumstances. She implies without the police it would have been a blood bath.

Yeah and of course you know only union teachers care about raises, health benefits and work protections. Teachers not in the union could care less about those things, Give me a break! The union isn't the problem in Clay County its the terrible leadership of the superintendent and three fifths of the school board.

Clay county what happened? You had it all and now you are in danger of losing it. Experienced teachers are in demand and if you haven't noticed people aren't flocking to the field.

Such blatant disrespect on the part of Hutchins towards the teachers of Clay county and just so she knows, you can't put kids first by continuously putting teachers last or by trying to make their representatives the enemy.

Also at the end she implies that her daughter and the clay county superintendent are little more than vindictive assholes when she says that they would have given teachers raises if only they wouldn't have gone to impasse. Well I guess she got that part right.

Clay County what happened, you used to be the place Duval teachers dreamed about escaping too but now I imagine it's the other way around.


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  2. Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about what is going on here in Clay County!

  3. Thank you. The Commissioner is confused at best... manipulative at worst by thanking UNNEEDED law enforcement. It is laughable to think that a group of teachers (and parents)wearing red and standing up with 8.5 x 11 pieces of paper printed with: "we will vote you out in August" could even REMOTELY be considered a threat. I only hope that it is a PROMISE and Van Zant and McKinnon are voted OUT.

  4. Thank you so much Chris, for writing this. As a Clay County educator and Union member, as well as a Clay County resident and parent of children in the school system, I am appalled that the kind of garbage Diane Hutchins wrote is getting any air time at all. Feeling threatened? Afraid for their safety? Needing police protection? Are you kidding me. With any luck CVZ and McKinnon WILL be voted out in August. Much of what we requested would cost the district ZERO dollars. Like no more leapfrogging. Job security for annual contract educators. Credit for in-service training we complete. IS that asking too much of our district? Apparently it is.