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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hypocrisy and excuses from the face of JPEF, Trey Csar

I have tried to be polite and even acknowledge some of the decent things that JPEF does but when you strip away all the niceties there is one incontrovertible fact and that’s JPEF fate is completely linked to that of the Superintendent and for that reason only is Trey Csar is attempting to give the super cover for his performance.

I will let his own words do the talking for him.

From the Times Union:

Charter schools muddy the waters of district progress, said Trey Csar, president of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund think tank, adding that it’s wrong that the state factors charter grades into school district grades.
“We’ve got to make a judgment about where the responsibility about performance lies,” he said. “The superintendent and school board have no control over what happens in charter schools day to day.”…

Just a few weeks ago JPEF advertised for a symposium about the viability of charter schools where their founder spoke, they have a white paper which says charters under-perform, we need more charters and a half dozen of their board members have charters.

First why would the Times Union go to Csar, he exists solely to give the super cover and second why would they let him get away with this stunning hypocrisy?

Oh I know, it’s because despite the title of today’s article, the Times Union is in the cover for the superintendent business too.

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