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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Superintendent Vitti can’t complain about charter schools while approving them hand over fist.

As usual I will let his own words do the talking for him.

From the Times Union:

He said all Florida districts saw a 213 percent increase in D and F schools during the past four years and Duval saw a 128 percent increase because state leaders made multiple changes to grade measurements and test score calculations, even before the state switched to new exams in the 2014-15 school year.
Add to that, Duval’s rapid increase in the number of charter schools, including failing charter schools, and it can be hard to show school district progress, he said.
“The reality is, of those 59 D and F schools (in Duval), 11 are charter schools,” Vitti said.

When Vitti arrived there weren’t many more than 11 charter schools and since he has arrived the amount has increased by over 300 percent.

How can he complain about low performing charter schools when he undoubtedly recommended most of them?  

Isn’t that the definition of hypocrisy?

The Times Union knows this too but gives him pass after pass. The next tough question they ask him may be their first.

This weekend I will look and find out which charter schools are failing and when they were approved something the local media should have already done.

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