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Monday, September 17, 2018

Andersen, Smith and Joyce, lifetime residnets all went to and worked in DCPS schools, Howland and Willie didn't. Don't experience and ties matter?

There are some remarkable differences between the school board candidates.

Andersen, Smith and Joyce are supported by parents and teachers, while Howaland, Chauncey and Willie are supported by the charter school industry and the privatization movement.

Andersen (Terry Parker), Smith (Jackson) and Joyce (Ed White) all went to DCPS schools while  Howaland, Chauncey and Willie did not.

Andersen, Smith and Joyce all worked in DCPS schools while Willie and Howland didn't. Chauncey did for two years leaving the moment his two year Teach for America commitment was up.

Andersen, Smith and Joyce are life long Jacksonville residents while Howland has been here 14 years and Willie and Chauncey 7ish and 5ish respectively

How are these races close again?

It goes back to money and the fact the privatization crowd, those that support charters and vouchers and who don't think teachers are professionals support Howland, Chauncey and Willie.

Friends we have to choose who represents our schools, life long residents, current and former teachers and graduates of our schools or people who quite frankly have no business being anywhere near the board.

Please consider giving these ladies your support.

Cynthia Smith in 4,

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