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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Teachers should vote for one interest, their own. Gillum is teacher's only choice for governor

Some teachers when talking about the upcoming election say, well I am not a single issue voter, when they explain why they are voting for DeSantis.

It's like pulling teeth having them explain what their other issues are, but it generally boils down to abortion, guns (quite the juxtaposition there) and some muddled scream about socialism.

The thing is it blows my mind that the republican are so against abortion when they are so anti children and how they are against gun regulations that would keep us all safer. They say it won't prevent criminals from getting guns, well if that is the case then it won't prevent them from getting guns either. So that leaves socialism.

If you think raising the corporate rate two percent to pay for a teacher raise is socialism, then you are to dumb to vote let alone be a teacher.

Now I get it there may be a ton of other reasons why somebody would vote republican, and if you are all about dumping pollution into our waterways, or have been making bank on charter schools, I get why you would vote for DesSantis but for me I am going to vote for one interest and that is my own.  

You see I need a raise. I don't need to be rich, I don't need to be upper middle class, but I do need to replace my tires and not worry that if I break a crown I won't be regulated to eating ramen noodles for a week and a half.

I would also like my job to not hang in the balance based on VAM scores, a ridiculously complicated formula created to measure reproductive rates in livestock, that doesn't take into account things like attendance and poverty. 

I would also like some autonomy back. My creativity and flexibility have been stripped away as I have been forced to teach to a test. 

Then I would also like to work in a state that appreciated what I did, rather than think of me as an easily replaceable cog, or that I could be replaced by a chimp who can hit play on a VCR. 

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Out of the two candidates, one, Gillum wants to make things better for teachers and public education, while despite overwhelming evidence of their failure, DeSantis wants more privatization, choice.  

From WJCT,

The Democratic and Republican candidates for governor on Tuesday launched competing plans to improve Florida’s schools. 
In a news conference in Tallahassee, Democrat Andrew Gillum defended his proposal, first announced in January, to provide a minimum $50,000 starting salary for teachers by increasing the state corporate-income tax by $1 billion.
Republican Ron DeSantis released a detailed education plan, including a measure that would require 80 percent of school funding to be spent in classrooms and not on administration. He said the plan could help boost teacher pay.
In a clear difference with Gillum, DeSantis also said he would work to expand education “choice” programs, including the use of corporate tax credits that sent more than 108,000 students to private schools in the last year.

DeSantis credited the voucher-like programs for Florida’s recent success in national testing measures, including the National Assessment of Education Progress, and for its rising high school graduation rate.
Gillum vowed to end “the voucherizing of the education system” that began under former Republican Gov. Jeb Bush.
“We’ve got to begin to bring that to conclusion,” Gillum said. “It’s been 20 years of the underfunding, the defunding of the public (school) system, which still educates over 90 percent of our kids."
Hmm there is a big difference between would and could and a big difference between Florida will finally support public education and more of the same.

I am going to vote for what is best for me personally, but I am also glad that would also benefit millions of children, hundreds of thousands of teachers and school personnel, and the state as well.

Here is the thing, we can't just vote for Gillum, we have to vote representatives and senators who care about public education too.

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