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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Cynthia Smith candidate school board district 4 is better than her opponent Darryl Willie and let me explain why

I had a Facebook conversation with an irate Darryl Willie supporter yesterday. They accused me of smearing Willie and of having a hidden agenda.

I replied, by smearing do you mean pointing out the things he has said or done? And I let him know that I definitely have an agenda and I hope its not hidden, I want the best person for the job on the school board who is going to appreciate and respect the teaching profession. 

We went back and forth and they were dismissive of the importance of the race, saying its just a school board race, well friends the 7 school board members control a budget, more real estate and employ more people than the mayor and city council does, and money doesn't matter. Friends do you think money doesn't matter in elections?

They were unswayed by all the things Willie has said and done and by all his dubious connections but then they said something really interesting, it's not like I think Cynthia Smith would be bad on the school board I just think Darryl Willie would be better.

Now I think Willie would be a disaster on the board and serve the people who pay his substantial salary rather than the people in district 4 but I wondered if other people thought the same way.

Well friends, if you are the fence and think both would be acceptable, shouldn't the tie go to the lifelong resident of Duval, Cynthia Smith not Willie who has been here for 7 years and is running for the school board for the second time?

Shouldn't the tie go to somebody who graduated from DCPS schools like Smith did, who has a better understand of what its like to be a student in Duval?

Shouldn't the tie go to somebody who actually worked in DCPS schools like Smith did for 16 years rising from book keeper to assistant principal, rather than Willie who only taught for three years over a decade ago in Arkansas? Isn't her experience a lot more relevant and extensive than his?

Shouldn't the tie go to the candidate, Smith, that the League of Women Voters doesn't have concerns about? The #$%^ing League of Women Voters think people should be wary of Willie, that should say a lot.

Shouldn't the tie go to the candidate who is really making a difference by running a preschool, Smith, rather than the candidate who is hurting our children by making sure they have an ever revolving door of novice teachers, the exact opposite of what research says they need.

Shouldn't the tie go to the candidate who thinks school teachers are professionals, Smith, rather than the candidate, Willie, who thinks anybody can be a teacher and who doesn't respect experience?

Shouldn't the tie go to the candidate, Smith, the current school board member, Paula Wright, is backing?

Shouldn't the tie go to the candidate, Smith, who hasn't taken huge sums of money from charter schools and the privatization movement?

How is this race even close? Oh that's right, money, as in all the money the privatization side has thrown into the race behind Willie. Though like his supporter you might not think money in politics matters.

I think Smith is by far the better candidate, but if you are on the fence I hope I have given you some things to think about.

I also hope you will consider supporting Cynthia Smith,  


  1. Wow I’m not even in Duval but these are clear cut differences that should make the difference in who to vote for. How can a person know what’s best for the very children they don’t even connect with? I hope the people truly get out and vote, our lives and the life of our children depend on it.

  2. When you mention the League of Women Voters, are you referring to this article?