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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Florida starves public schools while it wastes billions on vouchers for private schools

I want to say, you know there are some good private schools that take vouchers who do it right and the bad ones who teach junk science and history, hire teachers with felonies or without a degrees give them a bad name. I would like to say that but the truth is we don't know, there is so little over site on voucher schools that they might all be crap. 

A recent study does however say kids that attend private schools don't receive any gains.

From UVAToday

new study from the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education finds that low-income children or children enrolled in urban schools do not benefit more from enrolling in private school between kindergarten and ninth grade.

“Despite the arguments in favor of the use of vouchers or other mechanisms to support enrollment in private schools, ostensibly as a way to help vulnerable children and families access a quality education, this study finds no evidence that private schools, exclusive of family background or income, are more effective for promoting student success,” said Robert C. Pianta, dean of the Curry School of Education and co-author of the study.

Although children with a history of enrollment in private schools performed better overall, the advantages of private school education were not present for low-income students or those enrolled in urban schools.

This study contradicts the rationale behind U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ efforts to promote greater access to private schools, primarily through the administration’s earmark of more than $1 billion in the federal budget for private school vouchers and other school choice plans.

“The assumption that private schools are more effective in educating students and producing higher levels of achievement behavior is demonstrably ineffective and potentially harmful,” Pianta said. “In order to enable more low-income students to succeed and close achievement gaps, we must support comprehensive education reform of our public school system.”

Our public schools are being starved of resources as the powers that be pump a billion dollars into voucher schools that don't have to have any over site.

These schools don't have to have a recognized curriculum. 

These schools don't have to have certified teachers.

Most of these schools don't even have to report how the money is spent.

Friends at the very least shouldn't we know if this money is well spent? Why do we make any demands of our public schools and let this abomination go unchallenged?

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