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Monday, September 17, 2018

Willie SB candidate district 4 contradicts himself at nearly every turn

A few weeks back Willie was pretty hard on the charter school movement despite taking a lot of money from them.

Willie also presents himself as a democrat, but he has no problem taking all that sweet, sweet republican money.

This disturbing patern continued in a recent article in the Times Union about the pervasive influence of public school privatization money working its way into the school board races.

From the Times Union:

Willie said his donors know and trust he’ll represent his community. “A check or a donation is not going to drive how I make decisions,” he said. “Most folks said they believe in me as a person, they believe in my being able to make sound decisions about what my constituents want.”

He also said,

Willie said many of his donors know him from his times teaching in California and the Mississippi Delta region before coming to Jacksonville. He also has family and friends out of state.

“I’m a military kid: I’m from all over,” he said.

So many of his donors know him from elsewhere and he has lots of friends and family from out of state. Um what? How do they know he'll represent district 4? Because he tells them he will? Well if his track record is any example his word isn't worth much.

He might have well as said, if it wasn't for Teach for America and Charters I wouldn't have a nickle, vote for me because I can do the KiKi challenge, that at least would be honest.

You know what gets me? It's not that he has bad ideas and supports bad policy, it's that he doesn't have a moral center. He will tell you whatever he thinks you want to hear, if he thinks there is a chance he will get your vote. 

If you care about public education and the teaching profession, then in District 4 Cynthia Smith is your only choice.

 Cynthia Smith in 4,

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