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Saturday, September 15, 2018

District 2 Candidates say why they are endorsing Elizabeth Andersen for school board

Five people ran for the district 2 spot, and after the primary the three who did not advance all decided to support Elizabeth Andersen who as a former teacher and current mental health counselor has the particular skills and back ground that this board needs.

Below are excepts from a press release due to released soon.

Sam Hall, 
“I am supporting Elizabeth Andersen for the Duval County Public School Board. Andersen has experience that is directly related to children and education. If elected, I am confident Elizabeth will make decisions that will be in the best interest of children.”

Shannon Beckham, 
“I am pleased to endorse Elizabeth Andersen, because as  a former DCPS teacher she is the only candidate in the race that has spent quality time in our schools. In a time when many of our children are in crisis, her work in the mental health field would be an asset to DCPS. District 2 would be lucky to have someone represent us who is a true champion for public education and isn’t backed by special interest groups.”

Casey Ayers,
“Elizabeth brings a wealth of mental health knowledge and experience working with children to the race, and is eminently qualified to represent our district. 

Andersen is running against Nick Howland the darling of the privatization crowd. He is literally a clone of Scott Shine who has been a disaster on the board and who has pretty much stopped showing up despite the fact he is still being paid.

District 2 you have a real choice, Andersen who has the knowledge and the back ground the board needs or Howland who would be more of the same ans who has dubious allegiances.

If you care about our public schools, students and teachers please consider supporting Elizabeth Anderson.

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