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Friday, January 31, 2020

Our newest state board of education member, Ryan Petty has a history of anti-public education tweets.

Sigh was he really the best the state had to offer? In addition to not being an educator, though in his defense, no one on the state board of education is, he has a history or disturbing and anti-public education, and union tweets, and others that many would consider racist.
From the Sun Sentinel:
Ryan Petty, the father of a slain Parkland student who made a high-profile bid for the Broward County School Board, and has now been appointed to the state board of education  has a history of making provocative comments on Twitter.

In comments written mostly between 2008 and 2013, he often made jokes or sarcastic remarks that mention blacks, Jews, Muslims, gays, liberals and unions.

- Two of his tweets took jabs at public education. In April 2011, he tweeted to a user: “You’re a little slow on the comebacks. Public school educated, I’d imagine?” In a separate tweet on the same day, he told the same person: “Sorry your public school let you down. Life isn’t fair.”

-- In a November 2010 tweet about the Congressional Black Caucus, he wrote, “Is there a Congressional White Caucus?” When someone responded “that would be racist,” he asked, “Why?”

-- He retweeted comments, with his own modification, that slammed public sector employee unions, including one from February 2011 that described a union as “a cartel” and “immoral at its core.”

-- On April 27, 2011, he made several comments about Jews while in a Twitter discussion with someone he says is a Jewish friend. These include, “Just remember: Jews own that corner and that poop!” and “Barack Obama-the best friend a Jew could have.”

-- In November 2010, he tweeted a story about a court case involving bondage and the infliction of pain during sex, adding, “sounds a bit like a Sharia marriage contract.”

In an interview with the South Florida Sun Sentinel Editorial Board on Friday, Petty said he regretted some of the emails while others were taken out of context.

Um some of those were taken out of context?

How can anybody have faith is this guy at this point?

Did nobody in DeSantis’s office vet Petty, I know it’s just the state board of education but come on.
I know two things about Petty, he experienced an unfathomable tragedy that I can’t begin to understand, he has my upmost sympathies, that and if he cared about public ed at all, he would say no thank you to Governor DeSantis and ask him to appoint an educator.   

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1 comment:

  1. There was an opportunity here to place an actual teacher or former teacher in this position, instead this gentlemen is appointed. If the governor knew these things it certain appears to be counter to his highly touted "Year of the Teacher" in Florida. Shameful, as a retired teacher I voted for you, what is the old adage? "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" Governor DeSantis, you can be sure that will not happen. I would gladly do this job and do it well for free, but alas there are no actual teachers on the Florida State Board of Education. I want my voice to be heard!