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Thursday, July 30, 2020

About those 2000 subs

The super said there were 80 openings two board meetings ago, their website says there are 157 openings just for teachers.

So I thought, well maybe they haven't updated the site so I asked the district and this is what they said. 

Hey Chris,
Hope you’re doing well and staying safe.
I’m pretty sure there’s an updated vacancy number. Will follow up with HR as well as guidance regarding work from home resolution.


They later got back to me and said there were 122 teacher openings so I guess 42 people could have quit and retired since then but...

So if the super was wrong that is one thing, if she was deceptive that is another, but regardless it makes me wonder about that 2000 sub claim she also made at the same time.

In fact today on the channel 4 insider's club meeting, she repeated that we had plenty of subs and even subs that were being specially trained to go virtually. I guess in an era where sending students and staff into dangerous situations is okay anything is possible, but sadly I don't believe that is true for one second. 

Then there was this

Um, are we now just following guidelines when they are convenient instead of always following them? Are there other guidelines the district is feeling free to ignore?

I don't say this with any joy but only sadness because I thought Greene has been solid and with the referendum even brave but at the end of the day, if we cannot trust our leadership, we need new leadership.

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