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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to improve Andrew Jackson high school and the whole school district for that matter

The superintendent prizes loyalty. Ability and merit? Well those are different things all together. One of the reasons we are where we are is because the administration has promoted principals and administrators who are woefully lacking to those positions. Little napoleons who are told to shake things up, who dictate to, not collaborate with teachers and feel they can treat them in a fashion that if teachers were to treat kids the same way they would be in trouble. The district woefully lacks leaders in leadership positions and that is one of the biggest problems Jackson high school has had.

Before Mrs. Wright arrived at Jackson there was a promising and dedicated veteran staff in place, fast forward four years and Jackson is the lowest ranked school in the state, 404 out of 404 and most of the veterans have left. Like other administrators, Turner at Paxon for example, the word on the street is there is a district promotion in her future. Only in Duval County can you do a terrible job as a principal and get promoted for it. There should be no shame in failing to be a good principal, it’s a hard job that many are not suited for but there should be no promotion either.

In Duval County who you know is far more important than ability.
There are amazing principals and administrators in the district, the problem is Pratt-Dannals promoted so many of his cronies and sycophants and they in turn dragged their cronies and sycophants along with them that it makes the awesome administrators we already had and the handful of good ones the super promoted suspect.

If the school board wants Jackson and the district in general to improve it is easy, stop promoting people based on who they know and start promoting them based on what they know and what they can do.

Also no more 27 year old vice principals with three years teaching experience who can pass a test please. Just because you can pass a test it does not make you a leader.

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