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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

If Duval County School Board members will lie about the little things what else will they lie about?

The other day Mrs. Burney said she was initially running because other people running would hurt the board’s cohesiveness.

This bugged me because I know it not to be true. I contacted the supervisor of elections and asked when the district 5 candidates filed.

Betty Burney filed January 4, 2012 for SB 5. She did not qualify.

Pervalia Gaines-McIntosh filed March 15, 2012 for SB 5.

You filed February 2, 2012.

Lana Self

A fourth candidate, Connie Hall, Betty Burney’s handpicked replacement, filed last Thursday, June 7th.

Why didn't she just say I planned to run but term limits prevented me. Issue Over.

If Burney is going to tell a fib about this, what else is she going to misrepresent? What else has she been misrepresenting?

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