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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Maybe the Duval County School Board does listen on occasion

I sent the following to the school board after the last school board meeting: I appreciate you tackling discipline, it has been one of the things I have been writing about for years but I am concerned the changes you have made are just cosmetic.

You can put whatever you want in the code of conduct but it might as well be blank if you don’t have principals that back teachers up or principals that ignore discipline because they think it might affect their evaluations.

One way to help improve discipline is by stop tying principal’s evaluations to referrals and suspensions. Let me suggest creating A Chinese wall that shields these stats from the superintendent or at least this superintendent who has made decreasing numbers, even if it makes things worse, his priority.

I received the following from W.C. Gentry (sent from his phone so please read around his abbreviations)

Will also b changing evaluation to eliminate disincentive to discipline. Chris, the real world takes a little time but I do listen ( as do most of the other. Board members ) + we are dealing with the main problems while working w/I the parameters of our governing authority.

As you know I have a problem with the boards, “governance role”, to me it is them setting policy and then crossing their fingers and hoping things get carried out but at the same time I welcome and real commitment to improving discipline in our schools. And as I have written many times, severing a principal’s evaluation from referrals and suspensions is a good first step.

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