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Monday, June 11, 2012

Parent questions DCPS hiring decisions

With a new super on the way the decison to hire a Chief of Schools doesn't make much sense to me. -cpg

Board members,

I am disturbed by your actions as a body of elected officials by the people.

Several members of the public expressed concern about Jacqueline Byrd becoming the Chief of Schools and you failed to publicly acknowledge our concerns. It is truly disappointing to know this School Board operates with secret discussions and out of the eyes of the public. These actions are unbecoming a public servant.

I acknowledge Board member Becki Couch is the only member who disapproved of the creation of this new position. That is why she is the only person who will ever win another election in this city.

Chairwoman Burney, as chair of the Board, again you have failed to stand up for all of the district's children. Byrd is not the best candidate for all students, maybe some, but not all. Thank you for not running for reelection.

Have a great summer!

G.S. Lewis, MBA

1 comment:

  1. If we could stop hiring more people to "monitor" our schools, and put the money into the actual schools, and teacher's pay, maybe we would improve because teachers could actually teach!