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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why won’t the Duval County School Board come out against the FCAT? (rough draft)

In case you have missed it, school board after school board throughout the state as well as the state PTA have joined a resolution calling for an end to the reliance on the FCAT and other high stakes tests. The movement didn’t begin overnight either and I am sure they have heard about it too. Following Rita Solonet’s lead three school board meetings ago both Chris Guerrieri and Casey Barnum encouraged the school board to say enough to the test, which has quite frankly hijacked our education system.

The Duval County school board however has remained silent. The question is why but I think I might have an answer.

The school board has subscribed to the Broad Foundation’s school of governance. This means they make many decisions in private, they don’t like to vote on controversial issues in front of the public and they believe in corporate reforms like high stakes testing, like the FCAT.

What started with a few bloggers writing about and a few parents and teachers questioning has snowballed into a full on movement, a movement that the DCPSBoard has thus far ignored.

It is way past time the School Board got on board or just admitted like several others have, Jeb Bush, Gerard Robinson, Gary Chartrand, that they believe the FCAT is the way to go.

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