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Monday, June 23, 2014

Did superintendent just insult teachers everywhere?

In a WJCT piece about the teacher residency program, proving once again experience matters, the superintendent is quoted saying,   “We’re trying to build a bench or a bring people like you, who are bright and that don’t have to be teachers, that have that STEM-background knowledge to really provide to our most fragile and vulnerable students what they’re not receiving on a day-to-day basis,”

Is he implying that teachers are teachers because that’s the only gig they can get? How about being bright, it’s as if he has to sfit through all the regular dregs to find this handful. Then yeah I guess he thinks our most vulnerable aren’t getting what they need now from the dolts we have teaching them now.

I could be reading it wrong I guess but after some of his other statements, like the TNTP report, saying we have a lot of terrible teachers, was right on, I am not so sure.

But here is the thing if I even have to consider he’s being insulting he’s lost me and an untold amount of others and if he loses the staff the city loses big time.

To read the WJCT piece, click the link:


  1. Sounds pretty insulting to me - "you who are bright and don't have to be teachers"!

  2. .....and "what they're not receiving on a day-to-day basis," WHAT AN INSULT to all the hard-working qualified teachers who show to work daily in this county....
    One has to wonder if Vitti is sincere about improving teacher morale. I believe it just sank lower....

  3. You don't have to be a disillusioned former NASA engineer to be a teacher. If that's the case you probably won't last in Duval county. I know plenty of teachers who don't "have to be teachers" that choose to be. Not just education majors but those that decided they wanted to take their STEM knowledge into the teaching ranks. There are some second career teachers out there but not too many. They're mostly military retireees supplementing their pensions. Although why anyone would want to go into a thankless profession like teaching as a second career is beyond me.