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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Kipp school and the Duval County School Board let kids down... again

Tom Madjonics said in a Times Union article, “I am very encouraged that if our kids perform as well [on the FCAT] as they did on the MAP … we’re going to be in a very good place,”

Majdanics said the school achieved improved marks in reading by doubling instruction time in reading, writing and literacy.

Wow, what fun that schools must be. Teach to the test much? When they were doubling instruction on reading, writing and literacy what were they cutting out? Furthermore you will have to forgive me but I am wary about a test administered in house by people who have a great incentive for a positive outcome.

This is an embarrassment to the school district and a travesty to our children and their families, compounded by the fact the DCSB is allowing them to open two more schools.

I am not a fan of charter schools as they are usually done here in Florida. Where instead of being places where innovation and experimentation can occur they have instead become publicly funded defacto private schools run by education companies more interested in the bottom line than in what they do for kids. With that being said I know the KIPP School isn’t like that. They do have a legitimate role to play in education.

The thing is how hard would it have been to see a little success before we allowed them to expand. Isn’t making sure we get it right important?

Next year if the KIPP School is an “F” again are we going to get a do over? How about the children that attend them?

Friends the way the DCSB does business over and over shows they just aren't interested in getting it right are and it’s not good for our kids.

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