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Thursday, December 22, 2011

When will the 2011 high school grades get here? In 2012

From the Orlando Seninel's school zone

by Leslie Postal

High school grades won’t be out until Jan. 4, the state said today.

The delay has frustrated many school officials, though several said the state’s earlier plan to release them next week — when virtually every school was closed — didn’t make much sense.

They are disappointed the delay has held up the awarding of “school recognition” money, as that often provides bonuses to teachers, which are much-needed, they said, in a year when few teachers got raises.

School grades are also the center of Florida’s school accountability system, determining whether schools need to shift gears or to follow state-dictated improvement plans.

It’s hard to wait ”when there’s such an emphasis and so much riding on those grades,” said Bill Montford, executive director of the Florida Association of District School Superintendents and a state senator from Tallahassee.

But releasing them next week didn’t work either, he added. “What do you do with them when nobody’s there?”

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