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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Teacher’s sick days are ruining education

Well if you listened to New Jersey governor Chris Christie that’s what you might think. I get five sick days and five personal days a year that roll over if not used, pretty good if you ask me. I know some people in the public sector that get more and some that get less but I am not complaining. Some of these people have days that roll over but most do not. If they do not use them they lose them and instead of losing them they always use them.

Chris Christie and other education deformers think if I don’t use them I should lose them too and this is a bad short-sited plan; let me explain why.

The days I go to school, which are virus factories by the way, with a little sniffle or a bit of an ache aren’t going to happen anymore. I will use them before I lose them.

When I miss days I have to get a sub and subs aren’t volunteers they are paid to be there. If every teacher started missing all their days because of the prospect of losing them, we would then need a lot more subs and that will cost a lot more money.

Missing days also affects instruction. A lot of subs really give it the old college try but if they are just filling in for a day the level of instruction for that day really takes a hit. Teaches missing more days mean more and more days are wasted and that’s not good for our kids education.

Attacking teacher’s sick days is just the latest not thought out criticism of teachers by people with an anti-public education agenda.

Don't beleive the hype!

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