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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Florida legislature denies parents an important choice about their child's education

There is one choice the Florida legislature does not want your child have and that’s to opt out of the FCAT. Many localities and states throughout the nation allow parents to opt out of their standardized tests. Many experts in the education community by the way believe standardized have hurt not helped education and that’s because they are punitive in nature. Furthermore more and more are coming to believe that the test does not measure skills students’ need for life. If your child doesn’t do well enough they fail their grade, if the school doesn’t do well enough they are in danger of being closed. How does the FCAT help again?

The Florida legislature beats the word choice like a drum and then refuses to let parents have the one choice that might make a difference in their child’s lives. It is time the Florida Legislature put their money where their mouth was and gave parents the choice to opt out of the FCAT.

Either that or it is time Florida opted out of the FCAT all together.

1 comment:

  1. Voucher schools don't have it. Forty percent of charter schools don't have it. "Choice" proponents tell us that "parent satisfaction" is the new accountability measure for voucher schools and charter schools--which are tax-supported. We need across the board accountability. Failing that, let me tell you how happy I am with my children's education--now, exempt them from the FCAT!