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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The straight dope about prayer in school

I pray all the time in school.

I pray little Johnny won’t show up so I can teach.

I pray little Suzie makes even the slightest bit of effort.

I pray my administration will back me up if there is a problem.

I pray the crazy parent doesn’t blame me for failing their child. I pray they understand that rarely coming, doing no work and disrupting class is grounds for failure. I pray my administration understands that too.

I pray that when my vice principal walks in she is more concerned with my teaching than my standards based bulletin board.

I pray my family understands that I have more work than I can possibly do in the day and I will make up the time I am missing with them when I can.

I pray downtown realizes that teaching kids things like discipline and a work ethic is more important than just passing them through to keep up the districts numbers.

I pray Tallahassee leaves education alone. They have done enough damage.

I pray President Obama grows a pair and gets rid of No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top and other programs that do more harm than good.

I pray society understands that closing schools and privatizing education is not the answer and investing in education is.

I pray wall street types and hedge fund managers, you know those behind the wave of charter schools, virtual schools and voucher legislation grow a conscience and realize our children are more important than filling their wallets.

Yeah, I pray in school all the time. There is no way I could get through the day without doing so.


  1. If old fashioned prayer was back in wouldn't have to pray for all these things. THINK about it. Kids were better when there was prayer in school...prayer to GOD..not praying that a certain child doesn't show up. I had those kind of kids in class, but I never prayed they wouldn't show up. If they misbehaved I sent them to the office. Lets face it,when prayer to our GOD was taken out of went down hill and continues to do so!

  2. Anonymous 1 - if kids don't take God to school, it's because they don't know him. God goes to school with my kids every day. My kids pray at school. Their peers pray at FCA, we do see you at the pole, and *gasp* My kids even read their Bibles at school.

    The only thing a teacher CAN'T do is lead ... I honestly don't want someone from another religion teaching religion to my kids.