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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Does superintendent Vitti really care about play? My bet is probably not.

I am just going to get right to it.

Not just experts but most people realize that play is important for children.  

Despite setting up a system that practically eliminates the possibility of kids going out to play, the super says, but hey I wrote a memo saying teachers could take their students out.

The problem is these teachers are on such tight time constraints to do everything the district mandates that they are unable to take their kids out because they would risk falling behind and that has consequences.  

The superintendent is attempting to have his cake and eat it too and it’s wrong.

There is a bill moving through the Floirda legislature which would require kids to play and I have to say I think it is a great idea. We can’t leave our kids fates up to superintendents who think it is more important to kill and drill our kids rather than letting them be kids.

I think recess will actually lead to improved test scores because kids who hate school don’t do as well and that is what we are creating a generation of kids who hate school. We must bring the joy of learning back to our classrooms.  


  1. I was thinking the exact same thing. He says, "Sure, take the kids out!" in one breath while in the next breath has his minions criticize us for not being in our room at our designated time doing the exact lesson from the CG's as indicated by the pacing guide.

    I firmly believe he is setting Duval up for failure so that he may turn us into a charter haven. And our school board sits back on their laurels and does nothing to fix it. The union meanwhile tells us everything is fine and when push comes to shove, they are dream to work with, for administration! Our backs are to the wall and the media can't eve get it right because they have been bought and paid for.

    Oye!!! We're screwed.

    1. You are not paranoid. Every teacher I know thinks that Vitti and TU are slowly, but painfully killing public schools to make way for charters. And who knows what the hell DTU is doing, besides nothing good for teachers (another thing the media and public get wrong).

    2. I think the fact there is NO TENURE makes DTU null and void. A teacher could do a lot with that $480.00 they give to DTU each year for no rational or valid reason.What is especially worrying is that DTU has a spineless woman who probably fixes cookies and soda (or cool-aid) for the super.

      On the matter of "PLAY" I thought that Vitti,himself was/is engaging in play; didn't his wife recently accost his playmate? So my big question is, "How does a superintendent get time to play when he has a wife at home and such gargantuan responsibility for such a large ghetto school district, whereas his lowly teachers could hardly find the time to take a bath?" BTW, I wonder if the Play mate resigned from the school board!

  2. If you are on FB check out this video :