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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Duval’s much acclaimed KIPP School projected to make a D

When the superintendent talks about charter schools he usually throws in, and the KIPP School is doing really well.  It’s a model of what charter schools can be.

He may wish it was a model school because his benefactor Gary Chartrand is so connected to it but the reality is it’s not no matter how hard he might wish it was to be.

Their school grades have been F, worse grade in northeast Florida, a Miraculous B, a grade protected C, it would have been a D but the state of Florida had a school can only drop one letter grade at a time rule, another B and according to the state of Florida another D this year as there is no grade protection anymore.  A yo-yo has less up and downs than this school. If we are being honest the school's grades have been F-B-D-B-D.

This is considered to be the gold standard of charter schools in Duval, the one that gives all the other crappy ones cover, the ones that public school haters on the board, Fischer and Shine can point to and say, see they aren’t all that bad.

Our school board has outsourced the responsibility of educating our children and those children and the city are paying the price.

To see its and other schools projected grades, click the link:

1 comment:

  1. Does a school's quality really bounce around like this from year to year? I would say no unless the school is really unstable. The only category I know that could vary like this is produce and meat. (Yes, you can read as much as you like into that sentence.) Maybe that's why this ridiculous school grading system is perpetuated by people who should know better, cough cough, State Board of Ed.