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Friday, December 4, 2015

Is a center school for autism really a good thing?

There is a healthy conversation about should there or shouldn't there be a center school dedicated to autism.

Here is the thing about autism, it's a spectrum disorder, you can go from children who aren't toilet trained and frequently exhibit huge, disruptive and violent behaviors to highly intelligent and generally well adjusted and everything in between.
When the district throws out autism center but is light on the details it gives a lot of people angst.

My two cents is if there are children who can't be mainstreamed then a center schools with small classes and intensive services can be a good thing, though I have to say strapping an autistic kid to a seat on a bus and keeping them there for an hour or longer which is what will happen if there is just one central location.

Another concern is where are they going to find enough kids to make it work? I don't think they can do it even stripping the center schools of the autistic kids there, I just don't think there are enough of the kids who would benefit to make it feasible, now there are enough autistic kids but some of those kids would be hurt not helped by a center just for autistic kids. Evidence below.

Finally, it has to be done right and I have reservations that the district, that this administration can pull that off.

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  1. Great article. Children with special needs has the full right to be educated. Screening should be done at school level which is the first and important step. Change in routine and environment are the two main important points at this stage which autism schools should provide.