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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why would the state want to classify more schools as failing? So they can privatize them is why.

John Padgett the vice-chair of the State Board of Education is pushing for tougher grading rules which would ultimately label more schools as failing. Since this failing designation does not trigger more help or more resources it makes me wonder why.

The obvious reason is privatization. Padgett and his ilk would rather replace our public schools with charter schools and more schools that take vouchers and that should concern us all, greatly.

Schools that take money for vouchers are some of the least regulated schools in the nation. They don’t have to have certified teachers, recognized curriculums, have any reasonable education accountability measures and the vast majority do not even have to report how they money they take is spent.  

Compared to charter schools however they are a success. Over three hundred charter schools have open taken public money and closed wasting tens of millions of dollars. The Stanford Credo says that as a group they don’t do as well as our public schools and most are run by for profit management companies who are more concerned with making money than educating our children.

But for some reason Padgett and much of Tallahassee think these are better options.
Then think about what having more failing schools will do to house values or the ability to attract new businesses. Somebody should be anyways as Tallassee in their zeal to privatize our schools obviously isn’t.

Shouldn’t we have people on the state board and in our legislature that want to improve our public schools instead of like Padgett who constantly want to injure them?


  1. I think that one of the MOST powerful tools that they have already unleashed for destroying public education is the tool "THAT EVERY TEACHER IS A READING TEACHER". Which MATHEMATICIAN, PHYSICIST, CHEMIST, BIOLOGIST, ENGINEER, PHYSICIAN, or other TECHNO-PROFESSIONAL wants to be a READING TEACHER? So far they are making a lot of progress; the gradual decline in enrollment of math and science students in teacher education programs will eventually accelerate like a runaway train. But logically, why study chemistry, physics, biology, computer science, engineering, and medicine when all they want are READING TEACHERS!

    Those subject area teachers who do the Reading Competency Course know what SLAVERY IS. You have to sift through Piles of SH*T before you are able to answer the assignment questions and do the discussions. What I mean is that various so-called experts from some Florida Universities, with their so-called PhDs write the same BALONEY COMMENTS and you have to sift through the FILTH. In other words, when you have gone over all the FECES all of them wrote, you realize that they all wrote the same SH*T. Many of them probably can't change a light bulb, but you have to sift through their FECES because DUMB FLORIDA politicians say so.

    Now, Charter schools are destroying not just Public Education but the aspirations, future, and lives of our students. They have lots of unqualified teachers who do not know how to speak a proper sentence in English Language teaching our children.

    1. Something of a topic hijack: my recent evaluation scored me majority 2s out of 4 largely for two reasons. One, I don't use the horrible, opaque and middle-school-esque Pearson digi-curriculum for my 10th grade English students; two, I don't insult my students' intelligence by writing the objective on the board.

      I want to tell my supervisor that were I to write my actual objective on the board it would read: I will read at grade level. Sadly, that objective is beyond the ken of all but four of my 160 students.

  2. Leola, you and I are the rare teachers in Duval who can write and use punctuation correctly, so we've got to be harassed through the evaluation process. DCPS will not rest until the blind are leading the blind. I feel your pain. My administrators are so ignorant, it's embarrassing. I, too, get a bad eval every year. DCPS just wants dumb and compliant.