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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Teacher asks, what kind of public education do we want here in Jacksonville?

From a reader

As a fourth grade ELA teacher there is only one question I would like to ask DCPS administrators, teachers, and parents...Do you believe Duval Reads is building strong readers and writers?

The answer would be NO. In fact, I can quote page 253 of our 2nd quarter curriculum guide that states, "Reassure them [students] that it is okay if they do not fully understand the text..." This is a precise example of the fact that this curriculum is merely designed to teach kids how to navigate a high stakes test. In no way is this curriculum building the literacy skills that our elementary students require to truly be college and career ready.

I am often reminded of a quote by Neil Postman, "Public education does not serve a public. It creates a public." As a community, we need to ask ourselves what type of public do we want to create here in Jacksonville. 

PS: What happened to social studies? In the future, if we wonder why our population has no sense of civic duties we should absolutely look back at the point where social studies disappeared from public education.

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