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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The difference between good news and just news

Now this is good news. I know some schools, mine included have already been doing this but the more kids we can make sure start the day with a meal the better.

This on the other hand is just news.

From the Times Union:

The most surprising finding, he (Trey Csar, president of the Jacksonville Public education fund) said, came from a new question on the poll: People were asked to guess Duval County schools graduation rate.
The guesses ranged broadly and averaged to 61 percent. That’s far lower than reality - 74 percent in 2013-14, the last year of data. Vitti said he expects the rate for the Class of 2014-15 to be higher.
Csar said he doesn’t know why people assume Duvals’ graduation rate is worse than it is, considering that on-time graduates have increased steadily for Duval each year in recent years and were last at 62 percent in 2011.
“They’re four years behind reality,” he said. “That points to a sizable perception gap in how the community views schools.”
He said Duval needs to do a better job trumpeting its graduation rate.

“The district doesn’t have to spin anything; they can just use the facts,” he said.

Trey Csar seems really excited about this and I might be too except graduation rates are up and up tremendously everywhere, literally everywhere.

There are a bunch of reasons why and where I get it, lets acknowledge it, it's really not that special when everyone is doing it.

Furthermore Csar might not know it but graduation rates don't always correlate to a quality education but hey lets have a party anyways right? 

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