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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Can we stop giving Vitti credit for the graduation rate already?

When the super's job seemed like it was in jeopardy, non educators came out of the wood work in support and their biggest piece of evidence was the graduation rates.

Now our graduation rates have gone up but you know where else they have gone up? Every where!!! It's inexplicable to me that Vitti gets such credit for the rise in our graduation rates.

I may but be the only one left scratching his head as school board member Becki Couch had a few remarks about them at a recent school board meeting.

While I will acknowledge we have had some successes, I am expecting true transformation. The graduation rate has been in a steady incline since 2012 but of the 8.9 % increase in the graduation rate over the last 4 years, over half of the increase occurred during the year of transition between the previous superintendent’s leadership.

If you supported the superintendent retaining his job because of the graduation rate, sadly you have been misinformed though who can blame you as the district takes every opportunity to tout it and the media and his supporters parrot it.

Sadly the spin and the reality of the situation don't match up.

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