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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Veteran teacher looking for other options

From a teacher and reader

I am looking at other options outside Duval after nine years of working as a teacher. Every bit of the curriculum in ELA is "canned" and although I like the curriculum and find it useful. It lacks depth and does not teach all CORE, which I READY is supposed to do.

 Even centers are micro managed (something we were told we could save our "creativity for" , last year. 

Duval Math works, it works well, but has holes , where again, I am supposed to have small group , use a canned program. 

There is no time for Science, Writing and to read LITERATURE. 

I have the opportunity to teach elsewhere where my growth scores are appreciated, time is given for teachers to "plan" , not just attend an extended meeting on Early Dismissal Days. 

No longer will I work under a District which has determined that my planning days should be spent either tearing out homework pages from a Duval Program book or sorting papers. 

I went for a week three weeks in a row with 45 mins of planning FOR THE WEEK due to poor scheduling. With only 90 mins allowed to plan and refine . 

A 100% canned program only requires a warm body that can read and has arms, perhaps walk children to the bathroom. Intelligent teachers who love literature, the excitement of the discoveries of math and are critical thinkers do not mix with 100% scripted and directed curriculum . 

It is not the spirit of Core Curriculum, or NEA . Every child is being left behind in Duval and the assumption is clear that the kids are not being respected or taught as individuals as it is a one size fits all curriculum. 

The boxed up, regimented, we call going to the bathroom- directed play on the master calendar is just another sad indicator of how low Duval has stooped to insult every child and every teacher and para's intelligence. I am focusing on happier places to be. I'm hoping other teachers are too . 

It is -So very sad for the children. So many very good teachers are leaving this year from the District- it was just the straw that broke the camels back , with the new mandates that are so contrary to best practice. . It's the kids who lose the most, everywhere. I have a masters, good gains good work history and I know I can find a better job elsewhere--if I decide to stay in the teaching field. 

I do like those I work for and with in my immediate school but I shall teach and reach or I won't do it at all.


  1. So sad - for good teachers and for all students!

  2. Everybody I know who has left Duval is happier.

  3. The district is harassing the good schools and teachers. I work at an A school but we have more visits and harassment then ever. They are in our classes every week but we can not speak to them, explain or ask questions. We are to be puppets and robots that do as we are told whether it is a good practice or not. Never receiving any feedback, positive or negative. They are afraid we will drop to a B if we don't follow their ways. It has created an awful environment where no teacher is happy. Many are looking for an out. The children are suffering along with the teachers.