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Friday, October 21, 2016

Former Mayor Delaney slams the super's communication skills

I will just let the former Mayor speak for himself.

From the Times Union:

John Delaney, University of North Florida’s president, texted her: “For what it’s worth I’ve been warning Gary (Chartrand) and others for years that Vitti’s weaknesses need to be managed.”
Delaney said was referring to Gary Chartrand, a prominent Jacksonville businessman and education reform advocate.
Delaney said Vitti’s communications challenges are his weakness, because sometimes Board members feel broadsided by issues or feel they don’t have enough information about potential decisions. “There’s no question he’s a high-achieving superintendent; there’s no question he moves things along,”Delaney said. “But Ashley is wrestling with this set of (communication) weaknesses and do they outweigh his strengths.”
Notice Delaney said weaknesses there, plural. Also isn't it nice that he and Gary have routine education conversations. 
The superintendent himself has also complained about his communication skills though not so directly. He has bemoaned teachers ability to take children out for recess, to alter the curriculum to suit the needs of their children and keeping up with the pacing guide saying what he tells his staff often doesn't get to the teachers or when it does the message goes from teachers are the experts to they are nothing but cogs who must follow in lockstep district directives.
After years of thinking he might be sincere I have recently changed my opinion to he is trying to eat his cake and have it too. On one hand he goes its not me but then nothing changes for the better.
Throw in the school boards ideas to hire him a coach and a mediator and we have what the former mayor describes and that's a super who struggles with communication.
Think about that one. 

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  1. Weaknesses as in plural: the communication problem is well known, what is less recognized yet known by the board is that the man lacks the ability to engage in actual planning, especially long-range planning.