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Friday, October 21, 2016

The unraveling of Cheryl Grymes

Oy vey and I thought Donald Trump had a bad week.

This first part is from a puff piece about Ashley Smith Juarez in the Times Union.  You know one of those pieces that is supposed to be all puppies and rainbows but in an article filled with glowing platitudes Cheryl Grymes couldn't help herself and through a few jabs.

She presides over a School Board divided about many things, including her leadership.
Board members Shine and Cheryl Grymes criticized her handling of Vitti, saying she has been less than transparent with the Board.
Hard to change her mind
Grymes said Smith Juarez talks too much at meetings, listens too little, and she doesn’t keep discussion focused. She can be stubborn. “I think she prefers to be in control. I think some of it is personal,” she said. “When she gets her mind made up, it’s pretty hard to change it.”
WOW!!! She talks to much at meetings and this from the board member who talks about as often as supreme court justice Clarence Thomas. None of the other board members including Scott Shine were so critical of the chair.

Friends these two ladies were just reelected and have four more years together, but ASJ isn't the only board member that Grymes has attacked recently.

Also from the Times Union

In a board discussion about falling IB scores:

“The community I serve expects excellence for all students,” said Wright, of her district, which includes northwest Jacksonville.

Grymes began defending herself but touched off an angry reaction from board member Becki Couch, who earlier had suggested the district better support teachers and students in IB programs, perhaps with tutoring.
Grymes said she could tell by Couch’s face that she had a problem with their discussion, but Couch accused Grymes of attacking her and staring at her during the meeting.
“Are you in love with me? You spent your time staring at me this entire meeting,” Couch said. “Gosh. Focus on the work. Quit staring at me the whole time. I’m allowed to have facial expressions. I don’t understand what this constant attack is on me.”
Couch said she does have a problem with such a steep decline in IB participation and performance.
“It bothers me that you guys can look at numbers for IB make excuses and think that it’s acceptable,” Couch told Grymes.
As the two continued talking over each other, board Chairwoman Ashley Smith Juarez called a recess, which lasted about 20 minutes.

A follow up article if possible made the conflict sound even worse.

At one point board member Cheryl Grymes commented on fellow member Rebecca Couch’s facial expression, saying Couch “had issues” with what Grymes said.
Couch loudly objected, first saying she didn’t want to be drawn into the conversation, that everyone should have issues with poor IB performance, and that Grymes should stop staring at her.
Both Grymes and Couch talked over each other in raised voices and at one point Grymes asked if Couch wanted to “go one on one” with her.
Did she challenge Couch to a fight there? What the #$@$? She's an elected member of the board and she's challenging other board members to go one on one.
District 1 can we talk here? Grymes is so bad at her job she makes me wish fondly for the halcyon days of Martha Barrett and you allowed her to run unopposed. She doesn't seem prepared or particularly knowledgeable and the only time she told the super no was when he asked if she wanted extra fries with her lunch.
Your kids and teachers deserved better.

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  1. That pic of her in T-U! She looks like the prettiest woman in the trailer park.