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Monday, October 31, 2016

School board member Scott Shine called me a parasite. I wonder how he really feels?

From the Times Union

Board member Shine said Guerrieri shouldn’t be a teacher, saying he has a long record of “maladaptive behavior.”
“He has a history of reporting false information; he’s done that with me,” Shine said. “He’s not a hero; he’s a parasite on this district.”
If the board sets the bar for behavior than I can't imagine anything I have written reaching the  low bar that Shine has set.
He is often unprepared, something other board members have pointed out and he has no respect for board policies, something other board members have also mentioned.
Then he has no respect for his constituents, having voted for charter schools the superintendent said he would not let open in less affluent parts of town.
Scott Shine should have never been on the board in the first place as he is woefully unqualified.
Then lets talk about his temperament, he is an elected official who leaves nasty comments on the blog rather than engaging in discourse, and he calls me names in the press. I have criticized him for sure, but I have never approached anything like calling him a liar or a parasite and if I were to complain you can bet he would hide behind the first amendment and I know because he has already done it once when Ashley Smith Juarez asked him to refrain from criticizing fellow board members in the press.
Shine only ran for the board after two attempts to run for city council failed. helping kids by being on the board is not a calling for him, being elected is a line on his bucket list.
Shine is entitled to his opinion but so are the people of Jacksonville and more and more of them are coming to the conclusion he is in over his head, unprepared and not knowledgeable, does not have the temperament for public service and we will be better off when he is gone.
I will say this too, it's my opinion that Shine nothing more than a bully, when I comment, whether you agree with me or not it has now become apparent I am putting my livelihood on the line, when he comments which he only does in the form of name calling he doesn't have any fear of retribution, sure i can write about his terrible performance on the blog, and point out how bad he is as a school board member, but at the end of the day school board salary is chump change to him and he can go hang ten. 
He was right though when he said I am no hero, i am not, I am just a guy who is fed up with how things are run, somebody who doesn't like bullies, a sentiment many people share with me.

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