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Friday, October 21, 2016

Some random hypocrisy from Cheryl Grymes

In a puff piece about Ashley Smith Juarez in the Times Union Mrs. Grymes said:

Board members Shine and Cheryl Grymes criticized her handling of Vitti, saying she has been less than transparent with the Board.

I have a pretty big problem with Grymes talking about transparency. You see she had city attorneys send me a letter threatening to sue me for libel, something she shouldn't have been able to do without a board vote or chair approval.

Board policy 2.13 section VI states, 

Requests for legal opinions from the General Counsel's Office by individual School Board members shall be initiated through the School Board Chairperson or shall have majority approval of the School Board.

One board member told me they never had a vote and the chair told me she didn't give Grymes permission, yet here I am with not only a threatening letter but currently facing a five days suspension as Grymes puppets at the Equity office said I knowingly lied on a piece about her back in July.  

Yes this is the same woman who just challenged board member couch to a fight.

Does she think transparency is just for other people and she can do whatever she wants because it certainly seems that way.


  1. Maybe you just "miscommunicated" information. It certainly didn't harm her in any way. She was re-elected.

    1. She was unopposed. I think if her failings had become clear before the August primary, someone would have opposed her. Damn, I might have moved and done it myself.

    2. I'll vote for you!