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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Scott Shine the bully that keeps on giving.

These are your tax dollars at work.

Mister Shine apparently thinks threats and intimidation will work on me. He is also a stunning hypocrite as just a few months ago he complained in the media that Chair woman Ashley Smith Juarez was taking away his first amendment rights, spoiler she wasn't, she was just reminding him of the board policy that board members shouldn't publicly criticize one another.

Mr. Shine however apparently thinks he can do and say whatever he wants but nobody else can as I received this note today from his school board email.

You indicated you would be seeking legal council in your last correspondence.  Please forward the contact information for your council.  Thanks.

Oy vey

You know he sends me so many threatening letters it really is hard to remember what I said back to him though I believe it was along the lines of "grow up".

I wrote him back this time saying:

Just have your people contact me. CG

To which he responded

Just for clarity it is not appropriate to contact a party directly when represented by council.  Why I asked,  FYI.

Now I am not going to ding Scott for some in-artful language there, have you read my stuff, but if he thought I was already represented, why write me in the first place and also I didn't ask for an explanation. 

So I wrote him back again,

Mr. Shine we both know why you asked and we both know that wasn't the reason, your attempts at bullying and intimidation are not working. I am still waiting for that agenda item and if you can't get it to me I will have to ask the other board members for it. 

Board policy 2.13 section VI states, 

Requests for legal opinions from the General Counsel's Office by individual School Board members shall be initiated through the School Board Chairperson or shall have majority approval of the School Board.

If this is a personal matter you should not be contacting me through your board email, if this is a board matter, it is a secret one as far as I can tell.

We can continue this back and forth or we can be adults.

Now some of you might be thinking I get what I get for daring to write the blog and here is the thing you might be right if he was writing me from his private email or was seeking to hire a private attorney but that's not what he is doing, he is writing me as a representative of the board, threatening me with a city attorney and there are steps that he is required to take to do so and as far as I can tell he hasn't followed them.

There has been no agenda item to be voted on and I have asked the district several times over the last three weeks if the chair gave him permission and they have yet to get back to me. 

This is an elected representative, his skin is so thin it must bee translucent. I don't think he would last a day in one of our schools if this is how he reacts to criticism.

This is your tax dollars at work.


  1. Why don't the two of you go outside, take off your jackets, roll up your shirtsleeves, and settle this like men?

  2. Hey! Scott Shine does read this! And comments too!!!

  3. That last comment sounded like a threat. I have an honest question. Why are the A schools in his district being bullied?