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Friday, October 7, 2016

Scott and Cheryl maybe it is the two of you?

There is no doubt that the Duval County School Board has problems. The acrimony is palpable. I believe it comes from two competing visions for the future of our schools, one group made up of educators wants to set high goals and provide resources while the other made up of non educators wants to privatize our schools. The first group asks the super tough questions and attempts to hold him accountable while the latter group allows him to do whatever he wants and in their eyes he can do no wrong.

I feel like that is a pretty fair assessment which brings me to, Scott and Cheryl maybe it's you, that you are the reason the board is having all these problems and lets have an intervention to discuss it.

Scott you know Becki Couch and Ashley Smith Juarez in very polite fashion have both called you out for being unprepared and where that has to sting, why not heed their observations and stop treating the job like all it is to you is a check on your bucket list. For goodness sake man you voted for a charter school in your district the super said he wouldn't have approved if it was working with poor kids. I have been to the beach, there are poor kids there too.

Then twice now you have gone behind the boards back and complained to the media because you felt like you knew what was best. Did you consider how that would affect your relationship with the rest of the board or did you just not care?

Hubris and ignorance is a terrible combination.

Then Cheryl, well I will just let the Times Union's Ron Littlepage cover this one.

The speaker’s assessment was straightforward:
“The body language, the facial expressions and all the rest — we’re not respecting each other.”
Sound familiar?
Yes, it was a Duval County school superintendent talking about relationships among School Board members and him.
But the year was 1995, and the speaker was Superintendent Larry Zenke.
Current School Board member Cheryl Grymes was also a board member at that time.
“I think we are a horribly dysfunctional group,” she said.
That same description, minus the modifier horribly, is coming up again in conversations about the current School Board.
Sure it may be just a coincidence that every time Grymes has been on the board dysfunction creeps in, or it may be a pattern. two times on the board and two times it has been split into factions. Say what you will about Betty Burney and I said a lot but when she was on the board it was unified.

On the board we need prepared and informed people who will to do the hard work not people that just like to show up and abdicate their responsibility to the superintendent. Unfortunately we currently have both groups on the board.

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  1. Best reporting I've seen on WHY the board is dysfunctional to date! Why can't the TU do this? Is it because it's not in their interests?