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Monday, August 5, 2019

The office of general council drafted the legislation to make the school board appointed.

Jason Fischer, who quit to run and who works for John Kirtley the voucher king, literally, created quite the hubadoo when he announced he was proposing legislation to make the school board appointed by the mayor. He didn’t write the legislation however. Duval’s very own office of general council did. You know the group that changes the meaning of statutes and words whenever the mayor’s agenda calls for it.

This brings several questions to mind.
Can Jason Fischer have the OGC draft legislation? Can anyone?
How is this not a conflict of interest. In theory the OGC works for the school board as much as it does city hall.
Was this really his idea or is he carrying water for the mayor.
Did you see the part where it asked was this endorsed by any groups, and it was checked no? Um come on the civic council who pays Fischer’s bills was undoubtedly for and most likely behind this.
Welcome to Jacksonville where if the people in charge have their way, democracy will soon be a thing of the past.

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