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Saturday, January 8, 2022

DCPS pulls the fire alarm (draft)

 As Omicron spreads like wildfire, the number of cases nearly doubled each day last week, DCPS finally seems to acknowledge that we may have a problem. They have broken the glass and pulled the alarm.


So now after months of inadequate staffing, the district has come up with a new solution and that is to put more people in danger. The following email was sent to district staff and admins yesterday, you know because the district doesn't care and or plan ahead enough to give weight to staff's needs and desires. 

Now, to be honest, I think they should have mobilized district staff long ago, but if we are thinking about it and being honest that's like putting a "my little pony" band-aide on a gushing wound. 

You see most subs and no disrespect meant are placeholders, bodies thrown in to more make sure nobody kills themselves rather than educators who step in to be drivers of education, sure for a day here and there they are fine, but for a week or two, well, now Houston we have a problem, and again no disrespect meant to the district staff, but they aren't going to be any different.  

The district should have a corp of professional traveling teachers, like nurses that go into hot zones, that can fill in at a moment's notice. DCPS instead has said, any warm body will do in a pinch.  

My question for the district is who is going to step in when the district staff and admins get sick? I am sure it won't be Greene or the SB.

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