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Thursday, January 27, 2022

School Board says it isn't there place to weigh in on education issues.

If what their spokesperson said is true, this school board is without a doubt the worst school board we have had in the last two decades, and we had boards with Scott Shine and Jason Fischer on them, boards that were truly dreadful.

The state is clubbing public education like a nineteen seventies fisherman clubbed baby seals and the school board has been silent.

Here is a quick list of what the board has ignored. 

 Trans athlete ban. 

Devaluing and disrespecting veteran teachers. 

Massive expansion of vouchers, which violates the plain reading of the state constitution. 

Teaching CRT 

The ability to individually sue teachers if a parent does not like what they teach 

Making it illegal to discuss, homosexuality in schools. 

Putting cameras in classrooms and microphones on teachers.  

Ending contact tracing during a surge of the virus 

Banning books  

Ending board salaries.  

They have remained silent about every one of them. these aren't examples of the legislature nibbling around the edges of education, no some of these are transformational.

So when WJCT asked them about the don't say gay bill, and other topics the school board said, they don't weigh in on public education issues. 

Um, they don't weigh in? That's their %@#$& job. Instead of fighting for public education, advocating for it, and educating the public about what is happening, they have decided to do nothing is the better strategy.

No, they are prepared to adapt and respond to the destruction of the teaching profession, and the marginalization of LGBTQ children.

@#^$ them. 

The school board had better speak up soon, or there won't be anything left for them to speak up for. We deserve a lot better than this feckless group.

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