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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Looking for a job fighting against union bosses and corrupt school boards? get paid 35-30k through indeed.

 Let's not pretend this falls invasion of school board meetings by soccer moms hopped up on white wine spritzers and frothing at the mouth about masks and teaching honest history had anything to do with children or what's best for them. No, it was all about seizing power, to put money in privatizers' pockets. 

Um, the parent party? And Union bosses and corrupt school boards? FFS, what Cannard won't these people buy?

Then Astro turn anyone? Paid for by the parent party super PAC, um not just a pac but a super one.

Sadly not a lot of information can be found about them, by me at least,

But who wants to bet it is the same old enemies of public ed as ever looking to make a buck.

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