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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The board and supers silence on major education issues is unacceptable.

 I have no idea what the board and super think about so many issues and that’s a problem. 

Here is a list of education subjects the board and super have been silent on. 

They haven’t even weighed in on getting rid of their own board salaries, which by the way the sponsor of the bill wants to use the money saved to ban books. 

Are they that apathetic, or are they just that disengaged, I ask because this isn't the state nibbling around the edges. Many of these things are as transformative as they are despicable and that's very.   

They haven’t weighed in on any of those topics. It has been radio silence and in no way is that acceptable. 

I closely followed all of their campaigns, and none of them mentioned they had plans to ignore education issues. None of them said, just give me the job because. Yet as the state continues to bludgeon public education, they have remained silent like that, and not protecting public education was their job. 

Some might argue they feel they need to be silent because if not the Governor, Commissioner of Education, and the Republican dominated state legislature may try and harm our schools. Well spoiler alert, that’s what they have been doing are continuing to do and it will only get worse unless somebody stands up to them, which last time I checked was part of the super and boards job.   

The super and board by the very nature of their positions have a pulpit which they can use to educate and advocate but instead of doing so they have remained silent and at some point their silence becomes complicity, and even if they agree teachers should be sued for doing their job, mentioning homosexuality should be illegal or any of the other bills designed to injure public education should pass, we as constituents deserve to know.  

Leader’s lead, cowards, well they remain silent and until they speak up, that’s all I see.     

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