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Monday, January 3, 2022

DCPS does nothing to mitigate the Omicron surge, sorry, make that next to nothing

Greene has shown over and over she isn't a fan of masks, spoiler, neither am I. I guess the difference is, I think we should wear them even I don't like them because they help save lives and stop the spread. Greene over and over again through her actions has said she disagrees.

Now you might be asking, what could she do, the state has passed laws and made threats, well she could fight and the truth is if she fights she might lose, and there might be consequences, the thing is, it might save lives too. This surge will not last forever, a few weeks may be all we need.

Okay, let's look at what they have proposed, and then I will throw in a few suggestions too. I think it's all right to criticize if you are trying to make things better (and safer as well).  

Below is what they proposed, my thoughts in bold. 

To assist with slowing the spread in our schools, the following strategies will be implemented during January.  These strategies will be re-evaluated after 30 days to determine if they will be extended.  


  • Employees and students should stay home from work/school if sick. Great, but can we add children will be sent home if they show up sick, or be isolated if they get sick?
  • COVID-19 testing is offered to symptomatic employees. Please contact your administrator to be referred for testing through the school health services office if you are experiencing symptoms. Results are normally provided the same day. Employees may return to work the next day if symptoms have improved, and their results are negative. Nothing new but shouldn't we be testing asymptomatic people if they have had close contact with an infected person. A staff member could go after school or better given time to go during it.
  • Employees are required to wear a facial covering when working directly with students, or when unable to social distance. Just employees? I am over masks I really am, but what's the point if kids don't wear them as well?
  • Students are strongly encouraged, but not required, to wear a facial covering. Strongly encouraged? Let's strongly encourage them to eat their vegetables while we are at it. The district might as well say it does not have a mask policy for students, zilch, nadda nothing.
  • Visitors are required to wear masks at schools. See above
  • All individuals should practice social distancing when possible. 98 percent of the other time, they should cross their fingers and hope for the best
  • Meetings should be conducted via virtual platforms when possible. Or maybe cancer all meetings unless they are manifestly important. Maybe we need to have a meeting about meetings to plan this.
  • Common gathering areas should be closed, or capacity reduced. Some elementary school staff is being compensated for covering lunch, this sounds like a lot of middle and high school staff will now be doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. 
  • Field trips are temporarily postponed.  Instructional personnel should work directly with principals regarding trips that are pre-paid. Sad but fair enough though if kids don't have to wear masks at school then why? Why take away one of the few fun things they might have going on?
  • Out of district travel is temporarily suspended.  Emergency requests should be submitted to leadership staff for review/approval. Um, why do I feel like the only people traveling out of district were leadership staff? That being said, if kids don't have to wear masks, then what are we protecting them from?
  • Capacity at athletic and performing arts events is reduced to 75%. Well, I guess its good football season is over, but how are we going to gauge this and who is going to make sure it happens? This sounds like one of those things people brainstorm after a five-minute pause in no brainstorming. It's a list extender with zero practical effect, as is most of the above.   
  • District office hours are limited for visitors.  Visitors should be encouraged to call offices in advance and report to designated areas only. It sounds like district leadership, who works in a building where everyone is required to mask, will be even safer. 

Well, there you go, pretty much as close to nothing as you can get. 


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