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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Charlotte Joyce betrays her voters for a seat at the radicals table

 In 2018 the republican party didn't want anything to do with Charlotte Joyce. Their candidate was Dave Chauncey. It was teachers and families who believe in and support public education who voted for her, leaving those people who just vote R no matter what to support Chauncey.

Fast forward to today, and she has given the middle finger to those people who actually elected her. Instead of meeting with parents and families, Joyce would rather meet with people like Raymond Johnson, a radical homophobe who recently called for the arrest of Superintendent Green for "reasons."

Worse than that, she has been on the wrong side of every critical public education issue since she was elected. She was against the referendum, the millage increase, and masks, which means she has been wrong, wrong, and wrong. She has shown lousy character and bad judgment and doesn't deserve another team on the board.

 Luckily there is another candidate, Tanya Hardaker, and if you care about and support public education, she is the only candidate in that race. If you live in District 6, please vote for her; if you don't, encourage your friends to do so.

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