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Thursday, July 21, 2022

School board candidates April Carney and Charlotte Joyce snub girls in foster care. Who are they here to help again?

Guess who couldn't bother to show up at the Delores Bar Weaver foundations panel discussion about girls in the foster and juvenile justice systems and their dropout rates?  Well, I guess from the title of this blog, you already know.

All the people running for office were invited, and many, including Liz Andersen and Tanya Hardaker, were there because it's an important and relevant topic, things it seems Joyce and Carney could care less about.

Honestly, and it's probably an unpopular opinion; I have never been a fan of DBW's edu-philanthropy. Not because it's not needed, but because I think society should have the resources to solve its problems and shouldn't have to depend on the ultra-wealthy, not because many of the causes she supports aren't worthy.

But let's talk about some of the things DBW has supported because, in the past, she has supported a who's who of republican want-a-be and some who made it politicians running for the school board. To say she leans right is not an understatement, so something like this should be right up Carney and Joyce's alley. Them not going tells me a couple things. First, it's DeSantis/MAGA or bust, and they don't really care about important education issues or interacting with potential voters. Remember, both of these ladies skipped the JPEF forums' too.    

Do you know one thing Carney and Joyce made time for? It was DeSantis's visit this past Sunday where he continued his divisive language and hit all the made-up talking points like CRT and teachers teaching kids to hate this country. His constant attack on teachers and his terrible education plans have led to this massive teacher shortage, and friends, it's a disaster by design.   

Teachers teaching kids to hate their country, wow, that's a big accusation, one I think Joyce and Carney should be asked to respond to, and may e they would if they went anywhere where the most challenging question isn't who was your day.

We can do better than Joyce, which is why if you care about public education, you need to support Tanya Hardaker.

Then it is just as important that we elect Liz Andersen.

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