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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Charlotte Joyce has been terrible on the school board and don't take my word for it, take the school boards

 Charlotte Joyce has been on the wrong side of every major Jacksonville education issue. She was dragged, kicking, and screaming to support the referendum. Then she has been against changing school names, masks, and the millage increase. Lastly, she supported the "Don't Say Gay' bill, bringing a swarm of homophobes, bored moms for spritzers, sorry liberty, and the chronically misinformed down upon the district. I have seen it, you have seen it, and her fellow school board members have seen it as well.

She was elected alongside Darryl Willie and Elizabeth Andersen. Andersen was vice chair in her second year on the board and chair in her third. Willie was vice chair his third and is the chair now; you might think it was Joyce's turn next, but nope, Kelly Coker Daniel is the current vice chair and likely chair come November. 

Every person on the board has been chair or vice chair at one point or another except for Joyce and Cindi Pearson, who is just in her second year.  

Her co-workers, her fellow board members, seem to have no faith in her ability to lead, and every vote shows they have no faith in her judgment too. It's time to send Joyce home.

 Luckily there is another candidate, Tanya Hardaker, and if you care about and support public education, she is the only candidate in that race. If you live in District 6, please vote for her; if you don't, encourage your friends to do so.

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