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Monday, July 18, 2022

SB candidate April Carney tells a lot of lies and half truths in 7 minutes (draft)

 If you have 7 minutes and a strong stomach, watch the video below,

She says she believes in transparency and that parents deserve to know what's in their kid's curriculum and when school board meetings are, well, friends, nothing is stopping anybody from doing so. Friends, these things are both widely and readily available. The only thing that might slow one down is the state changes the standards every few years. This year I believe teachers will be teaching to the sixth or seventh different test in the last 12 years.

She then talks about how children aren't taught to balance a checkbook; um, first, it's 2022; why would they but financial literacy is a school requirement. To be honest, I don't think she lied here. I think she is just chronically misinformed, which will become more evident as you watch the video.,literacy%20and%20money%20management%20course.

Carney then talks about how fiscal responsibility, a topic I think we can all agree is essential. On the one hand, she says the city is growing, but on the either, she says kids are leaving. The thing is, most of these kids are going to charters, and they are part of the public school system. They are paid through DCPS; the money they use to operate does not come from a separate entity. Look, I hate charters as they are currently done, as much as the next informed guy, but they are part at least where finances are involved of the public education system. Carney, it seems, is clueless about that fact. 

She then mentions money from the CARES act, money earmarked to take care of pandemic concerns, and says we should use that money to fix air conditions, and make schools safe, which is what the half-penny sales tax that she just railed against two sentences before is for. 

Friends, this is easy stuff anyone can spend a minute on google to find.

However, Carney either couldn't be bothered, or lies and half-truths were just easier for her.

Then the woke act, which she is 100 percent behind. She wants to stop the Marxist indoctrination going on in our schools, and she is going to help prevent it by getting rid of the office of equity and inclusion, you know because those things are bad. The mere fact that we have that office, like just about EVERY school district, has means kids are being taught critical race theory. This gobblygook of mad libs would wreck even a stretch Armstrong doll, but she says it all with a straight face and the clarity that only the seriously deranged could muster. 

I also find it offensive that this upper-middle-class white woman from the beach can be so dismissive about DCPS's seriously racist history.

We were almost decertified in the late 60s and had forced bussing for decades. 

I guess I shouldn't be surprised as she sends her son to the Cornerstone Classical academy, which has its curriculum provided by arguably white supremacists.

She finally says there is one race in this country: the American Race; um, what the $@#&?

The American race?

Mercifully the video ends as she starts talking about civics which, yeah, not good.

In a little under 7 minutes, Carney told a string of lies, and half-truths, and presented made-up assumptions as reality, which further proves she isn't fit to be on the board. The sad thing is that there are problems in education that need serious people to discuss and deal with them. Carney, however, is not one of those people.  

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