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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Did SB candidate April Carney scrub her social media to avoid mention of her J6 involvement?

 I believe the answer is an emphatic yes, and her scrubbing her social media at that time media doesn't help her case. 

Even somebody as far right as her has to know trying to overthrow democracy was wrong, or more cynically, she thinks people learning about her participation would cost her votes. She could clear this up by just answering a few questions, and it's her refusal to do so, her "lies of omission." that point to her guilt or her consciousness of guilt anyway.

If she participated, she should admit it; voters deserve to know what type of person they are really voting for, not just the shiny packages they portray. If she didn't, which seems very unlikely at this point, she could clear it all up, but thus far, she has refused to participate in forums where the questions might come up or direct questions posed to her through her website.

So this is the thing, she scrubbed all her social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and heck, even Gettr, which I didn't even know existed, from October 2020 to March 2021.

Full disclosure, when I ran for school board the first time, I took down several pictures of me and beer, and by several, I mean a few dozen. I did, however, leave up all the pictures of me attempting to steal an election and overthrow democracy which was a grand total of zero. 

Carney may or may not have participated in an attempt to thwart democracy though the evidence, mostly her silence, is pretty damning. Her ignoring voters is just a cherry on top.

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