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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

School board members Coker and Pearson make DeSantis's enemies list

 In Florida republican politics, you are useful until you aren't, and Coker and Pearson just lost their utility.

I don't know if Coker is a republican or not, but I have my suspicions. Pearson, on the other hand was endorsed by the Republican Party in 2020, and they spent thousands of dollars on her campaign. She is pretty far to the right and uber-religious, and the space between her and the DeSantis agenda has been nonexistent, and yet she is on the list to be replaced. 

So yeah, that happened, but maybe it's not all that bad. maybe it will be a wake-up call for the ladies. Maybe the knowledge that they aren't in the club and the powers that be want them kicked to the curb will empower them, after two long years of silence, to do what is right and stand up for students, teachers, and schools. Maybe right? Maybe?

A boy can dream. 

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