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Friday, February 17, 2023

DCPS would rather lie to you than reveal the awful truth

Oh, the lies DCPS weaves, book edition

First, let me say, I can’t imagine any of this happening if the state didn’t pass destructive and confusing laws aimed at hurting public education. That being said, why does DCPS always have to make things worse? Which they have done by firing a substitute teacher and parent who exposed the district’s book removal policies.

Three weeks ago JagsFan Brian posted a video of an empty library disputing the state and district’s narrative that books weren’t being removed. They were and had been to some degree or another all year long. He was right and wrong.

I have been told that Mandarin Middles library had been dormant since at least when the previous superintendent, Vitti was here, and before you freak out, it’s far from the only school that hasn’t had an active library. Many middle and high schools do not. I was also told that books that were kept there for storage had been recently packed up.

So all of that’s bad, and JagsFanBrian may have misinterpreted the empty library though as teacher after teacher was covering or removing their classroom libraries who can fault him especially since teachers were told this?

That based on a new law all classroom libraries have to be approved by a certified media specialist before students have access to them. If a child receives material or access to the materials that have pornographic content, we could be charged with a 3rd degree felony.

So classroom libraries should be removed/covered until they are approved by a media specialist.

So this is a sad situation with no winners but rather than admit it, DCPS decides to lie. District spokesman Tracy Pierce said the video was misinterpreted, and rather than saying, yeah, that library has been closed for nearly a decade, he said there were plenty of books to check out, and nothing could be farther from the truth.   

Then think about this, if they are going to lie about this, then what else are they willing to lie about?

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