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Saturday, February 4, 2023

It is past time to say "no more" to Ron DeSantis

 What state celebrates National Literacy Week by having all of its teachers cover or remove their books in the classroom library?

Sadly ironic.
What state has created a law that scares elected school boards and district leadership into acting like this book review policy is a normal occurrence in the US?
Very un-American.
What state is on track to take $2B out of public classrooms next year to give to parents who already send their children to private schools?
Most creative welfare program for the wealthy
What state filled the spot of the president of one of the most nationally recognized universities with a candidate with only college leadership experience of leading a private college smaller than our local Community College?
The beauty of hiring someone while skirting Florida's sunshine laws legally...
What state denied an AP Black History class?
Nothing says we do NOT support a rigorous college education than this...
What state moved the education commissioner from the state board of education to the president of the college, knowing that he lacks education credentials but is a big fan of the governor?
Always nice to see how many overpaid jobs a brown noser can get..
What state increased new teachers' pay last year by taking away the performance pay of veteran teachers?
Sound bites can get you far because people do not know the details...
What state offers signing bonuses to select new teachers who actually do not meet the regular requirements of the job?
If you pick a program that benefits the military or their families, you can get away with anything, regardless if it impacts the problem.
If you have not guessed, I'll give one final hint: Desantis is the state governor.
We are very fortunate to have all of the excellent teachers that we have. They are passionate about education and children to endure this continued disrespect from our state government.
Thank you to all of the teachers - public, charter, and private. You are teaching the leaders of our future.
At some point, people need to become more informed and say No. No, we are not going to defund public schools anymore. No, we will not listen to talk about public schools being woke and pushing CRT. No, we are not going raise new teacher wages without being fair to veteran teachers and be committed to bringing all of their salaries in line with market wages. No, we will not allow a work culture that burns teachers out by expecting too much to be done in their off time or for them to feel obligated to buy supplies. No, we will not entertain having more poorly trained armed guardians because we know where that will lead. No, we will not continue to fund any new charter schools - make them get creative and replace the struggling ones.
From Bush to Scott to Desantis, we have really done a lot of damage. It is time we said no, no more.

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